Painting: Conceptually Speaking.

The spring-summer issue introduces selected artists from Metro Detroit, South Dakota, and those living in Canada. Issue #09 is a collection of works born from virtual conversations and social media interactions. These virtual studio visits centered on the artists’ practices and how painting plays a role as a medium in their works.

Painting as a medium is regarded as one of the purest forms of art and expression. While it is an expansive art form, painting technique is often the focus. We rarely spend time on the inherent topics the artists are trying to convey.

Painting: Conceptually speaking, it’s a language tool rather than an exposed process. It’s a survey of how artists blend other mediums like makeup, sculpture, and performance art together with painting to communicate their message.

Featured artists:

Nathalia Calderon @natypearlart
Vanessa Cornell @vanessaccornell
Ian Torres McLaughlin @ianmclaughlin
Lou Ramo @itslouramo
Natalie Wadlington @natalie.wadlington
Amy Sacksteder @amysacksteder_studio
Lane Bordeaux @lane_mua


Lane Bordeaux

#thriving #for #future#generations #of #my #people

Lane Bordeaux is a makeup artist based in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, who’s self-portraits literally paint a journal contrasting technique and a landscape called home.

Lou Ramo

Bad Guy, black ink, acrylic, and pen. 8.5” x 11.” 2020. Image provided by the artist.

Lou Ramo is a Detroit based artist who uses performance and visual arts to characterize his influences from culture and celebrities.