Barbed issue #11, Photography as a Medium, curated by Jetshri Jetshri Bhadviya

Digital issue #10, Escultura de la Frontera: Border Sculptur Fall/Winter 2020, 2021

Collectors Box Edition. Hand-numbered cases contain a copy of each of the issues dating from the publication's first printing in 2014 (initially titled ArtWindsor) from #01 to #07, and the first four orders will include a bonus artist-proof copy of sold-out issue #08 with an artist-proof certificate.

Each box also includes a Barbed note pad, a CD from issue #03, entitled "Noises," and a limited poster from Eric Magassa's, "The Lost Series, Detroit," whose work appeared in issue #06.

All proceeds from the sale will be used to pay for artist fees and production costs related to the publication, including printing and stamping for the upcoming issue Fall, 2020 issue #09, "Sculpture (and its relationship to the Detroit-Windsor Border)".

Barbed One Year

Barbed Note Pad

Barbed Tote Bag

Barbed Hat

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