Photography as a Medium
Fall/Winter 2021, 2022

Barbed issue #11, Photography as a Medium, curated by Jetshri Bhadviya

“Photography as a Medium”

This issue features extraordinary artists who explore how photography transforms; from traditional to contemporary, literal to conceptual and 2 dimentional to  4 dimentional artform. The studio visits with the artists shared within this issue challenges our perception of the medium and its use in a multidisciplinary capacity to have eye opening conversations about diversity and anthropocene.

Jetshri Bhadviya is our guest curator and editor for this issue. Ms. Bhadviya is an Indian woman, non-immigrant alien, artist, scholar, educator, curator and a studio art activist currently living and working in Michigan. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2015 and BFA from American University in Dubai in 2009. Currently she is a Special Lecturer in the Art & Art History Department at Oakland University and an Adjunct at College For Creative Studies. She is a multimedia artist who uses photography, videography, sound, and performance to explore how human bodies activate a space and how they are perceived in a social, political, and spiritual environment.


Ryan Debolski
Rickey Weaver
Precious Johnson-Arabitg
Shanna Merola
Halima Afi Cassells
Trisha Holt

This is issue is financially sponsored by:
Grinstein Jewelry & Design
Cranbrook Academy or Art